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Lynx Theatre and Film


We are excited to present our 1st Film directed by Al Germani. ANGEL is a Documentary Short celebrating a young girl’s inspirational journey integrating her love of dance, her love of life and the challenge of cerebral palsy. More info coming soon.

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Lynx Theatre and Film Is Excited to Announce Our From Good Into Excellence, Pushing The Bounds Of Artistry Performing & Creative Artist Training

“Innovative and ground breaking” with the Combining of Creative and Performance Training Exercises and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Techniques

The Performing and Creative Artists Workshops
are specifically designed to provide an opportunity for Performing and Creative Artists to evolve from a “Good” solid level of artistry to a high level of Excellence that includes performing and creating at your maximum potential. Creative and Performance Development for Intermediate/Advanced and Professional level Theatre & Film Actors, Singers, Songwriters, Poets, Musicians, Visual and Literary Artists, Comedy Drama & Musical Writer/Performers, Playwrights, Dancers, Choreographers, Screenwriters and Film & Theatre Directors.

Workshops are designed and facilitated by Lynx Theatre and Film artistic director Al Germani LCSW, his combination of 25 years experience and graduate education as a licensed psychotherapist and in the performing & creative arts lends a unique insight and understanding to his artistic vision and teaching style and methods. (Full Resume below)

The Classes are a two hour workshop format incorporating comprehensive techniques from around the world specifically designed to help performing and creative artist?s advance their Onstage, “On The Page” and “On The Canvas” performance and push for excellence.

The Weekly Workshops ( No contracts, Drop-ins Only ) are designed for those who are working to expand their artistry and all need to be ready to work at a high level. Because the primary goal is the development of our potential for creative and performance, much of the work can be emotionally provocative and
Not Recommended For Under 16 Years of Age.

Actors, Dancers and elite athletes call it the “The Zone“, Jazz pioneer Miles Davis called it “The Space“, Mozart called it “Being with God“, during the Renaissance Italians called it having “Grazia” (Grace), In Buddhism it?s “Satori“, to Michelangelo “Intelleto” and Psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, who has been recognized for his work in this area, named it “Being in Flow“.

Every spiritual and life philosophy method for the development of human potential has it?s own variation of naming, investigating and separating the inhibiting, self-clinging ego from the deeper creative self in order to release full, genuine potential for life and artistry. The workshops are designed to foster this authentic and creative way of being with your art and finding your highest level of excellence.

Artistic Director and Workshop Teacher Al Germani LCSW

Masters Degree in Psychiatric Social Work: SDSU/UCSD Graduate Studies in Performing Arts: - SDSU, Slippery Rock State University, Point Park University, University of Pittsburgh.

Bachelors Degree Psychology & Fine Arts: - Rutgers College

Al Germani has been a theatre/film director, teacher, choreographer, musician and a board certified licensed psychotherapist for the past 25 years. The combination of experience and graduate education in psychiatry and the performing arts, as well as extensive background in progressive theatre, performance art, modern & progressive dance, jazz, worldbeat percussion and Buddhist Studies lends a unique insight and understanding to his artistic vision and directing and teaching style and methods. Al is the Artistic Director of the award winning, critically acclaimed Lynx Theatre and also Lynx Films, has taught Dance and Theatre in private studios and at SDSU and Grossmont college, Designed and taught the Movement Training For Athletes Class at SDSU and continues to specialize in providing psychotherapy for Artists:
Lynx Blog:

ANGEL: 2011 Documentary Short
Directed by Al Germani

Creativity and Performance, Part 1
“The T Factor” and how our unconscious can muck things up.
By Al Germani LCSW


"Critic's Pick" San Diego Union Tribune The Performing/Creative Artist BootCamp

"Lynx Theatre's Al Germani's excellent,
unconventional taste has resulted in
some of the best, most challenging
theater in town.
- Don Braunagel, SD Magazine

"Germani [is a] theatre artist with the kind of commitment to social relevance, poetic language and artistic innovation that’s all too rare."
- San Diego Union Tribune

"[In Dickinson] director Al Germani creates a full, specific world out of nearly nothing. Every movement is carefully thought out to tell the story; it is some of the best staging I've seen in a long time. The movement is fluid, his placement of the actors absolutely right on, and for a play which works on such a simple level, he manages to achieve moments of absolute breathtaking magic. You know, you never truly appreciate a director's contribution until you see someone do it so right. "
- Montserrat Mendez,

"Best Performance Group" SD CityBeat
Best Of San Diego 2008
If the theater is the living archive of the experiences that got us to where we are, then San Diego’s Lynx Theatre has it knocked as a major contributor to that legacy. Artistic Director Al Germani, a psychoanalyst by trade, has a solid real-life take on the best and worst of the characters in the plays he chooses, and his methods of coaxing those traits from his casts are nothing short of extraordinary.

SD Union-Tribune 2007 "Innovative Artists To Watch" List
Lynx Theatre's Artistic Director Al Germani

"Direct Hit" - Dickinson is the latest example of Al Germani’s directorial insight. As a psychotherapist, he’s got the tools for character exploration at his command—the twist is that he also uses those tools to dissect the psyches of his personnel as they take on the people they portray. With Dickinson, the result is some of the best experimental theater you’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing.
- Martin Jones Westlin SD CityBeat

SD Magazine 2007 "Best of San Diego" Awards
'Best Progressive Theatre'

"Al Germani and his Lynx Performance Theatre are alive and well and doing what they do best, presenting visceral, stimulating theater that matters"
- Charlene Baldridge La Jolla Village News

[In Sarah Kane's Crave] Director Al Germani, a psychotherapist, is perfectly attuned to the language, pace and emotion of the piece, which he has conducted with the rigor of a demanding symphonic maestro. - Pat Launer, KPBS Radio

In "Crave" Al Germani allowed for Kane’s musical, internal cacophony to sing with his exact direction and pacing.  He modulated multi-levels of anxiety and allowed for orgasmic moments with just a pause.  He allowed primal breathing to explode within each one of his actors and plucked musical chords of great depth. The sum of this experience is intoxicating. This dramatic journey into a fragmented  self is nothing less than brilliant.
- Cuauhtemoc Kish, SD Theatre Scene

Lynx Theatre and Film is dedicated to creating and presenting dramatic performance that arouses your heart, nourishes your mind, invigorates your soul and changes the way you see and experience the world.